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"Military exercises bring a unique pressure
to those responsible for planning and execution;
everything must work perfectly the first time.
Each year GarCom proves that it can meet
this standard of perfection"

Douglas R. Blanchette
Chief Telecommunications Architect
U.S. Forces Command Joint Air Defense Exercise


"GarCom, Inc. is a professional company
that truly knows what the government wants,
the importance of sensitive projects,
and are quick to get the job done"

Carlos A. Welch
Master Operation Engineer
SAIC-Science Applications
International Corporation


"GarCom ability to perform cohesively within what can
only be considered to be an extremely harsh working
environment speaks highly of their performance capabilites.
Through their diligence and preseverance, the Test Support
Network program has been able to achieve reduced project

installation time thereby saving precious Government funds." 

Lynn C Woods
Test Support Network
Department of the Army